Artificial Intelligence

Our expertise is in the area of A.I., Machine Learning, and Data Science and we develop solutions for our customers from Industry, Academia, and Research

Web Development

We develop websites such as Responsive E-Commerce Websites, Websites for showcasing businesses and portfolios.


We conduct workshops on Astronomy and Astrophotography and we have our own brand of Newtonian Reflector Telescopes. We also have prints of Deep Sky Objects for sale.


We provide skill training with short term internship for students to get an insight into working with A.I. applications and being industry-ready with the skills required.

Featured Projects

We have developed websites for customers, and we have prints of the Deep Sky Objects captured by our astrophotographers.  Our students have also published research articles that have been presented at International Conferences. We have developed A.I. and Machine Learning based systems for our customers in Industry and Academia

Our skills & experience

We are experienced in Research, Development, and Training and we have trained over 100 students in the domains of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and A.I. We have provided training with internships to our students online as well as in our office location. We are experienced in the development of an online presence for our customers in the form of Websites. We have enabled small businesses to take their businesses online via affordable, low-cost E-Commerce Websites. We are also experienced in the construction of Telescopes and we have built numerous Newtonian Reflectors in the aperture ranges of 5″ to 10″. We have our own brand of Newtonian Reflectors and we design custom made Telescopes for our clients.

We are proud to work with

We have developed customized software, websites, and e-commerce websites for our customers. I addition to Industries we have provided training for over 100 students.